Frequently Asked Questions

What are the five most significant water balanced parameters?

1) Free Chlorine suggested range 1.5-3.0

2) pH suggested range 7.2 to 7.8. pH

3) Calcium hardness suggested range 200-400ppm.

4) Total Alkalinity suggested range 80-120ppm.

5) Cyanuric Acid: 25 - 50 ppm.

Ordinary pool water temperature hovering around 78-82 F, is not a major factor in balancing water.

How do I calculate pool volume?

6) Please use Pool Volume Calculator.

How can I make my pool safe?

  • 7) There is NO substitute for adequate supervision. The "buddy system" of two children, is no substitute. Even people that can swim, very well, can drown when they bump their head, become entrapped, or have medical emergencies like seizures or black outs. DON'T LET THEM OUT OF YOUR SIGHT!

  • Pools and spas are attractive to children; what the court calls an "attractive nuisance". There must be a permanent barrier to entry. Local ordinances will specify a 3-sided or a 4-sided, non-climbable with self-closing, self-latching mechanisms on the gate. The gate should be locked when the pool is not in use. Do not place chairs or tables near a fence which would allow a child to climb over. Portable, above ground spas should have a hard top that locks on, preventing its use.

  • In addition to a barrier around the pool, NSPI promotes an idea called, and has produced a pamphlet under the same name. This is the combination of many safety features working together to form several "layers" of safety protection around a swimming pool or spa. A simple fence just won't do to protect the pool when it is not under supervision , infrared detectors or security cameras. Pool alarms, child alarms, or pool safety covers will all help to prevent accidents.

What is an acid wash?

8) Also called a drain & clean, an acid wash becomes necessary if the pool has turned into the "black lagoon". This may occur if the winterizing process is not done properly, or if the pool has been stagnant for a period of time so that algae has taken over. If you notice scaly, man-phibian creatures splashing around out back, it's probably time to drain & clean.

Our general rule of thumb for determining the need for an acid wash is: if you can see the bottom of the pool (the floor) then you can bring it back with chemicals, labor and filtering. If the floor is not visible, the cost of the chemicals and labor will generally be greater than the acid wash charge, and take much, much longer. Also, extensive algae blooms will stain plastered pools, making an acid wash desirable.

Acid is a dangerous substance. Pool company personnel are specially trained in its application and wear protective clothing and breathing apparatus during the acid wash. Please contact your local pool professional for acid wash services.


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