Swimming Pool Restoration

Swimming pool restoration is not as extensive as swimming pool renovation.  It is a more superficial remake of surfaces and finishes.  By superficial we do not mean that it lacks significance in the grand scheme of landscape design.  On the contrary, swimming pool restoration is of vital importance because it maintains the beauty of one of the most significant focal points in the backyard landscape.

The intent here is to create an aesthetic that stands out in its environment.  Many older pools that were designed in the 70s and 80s were built with standard-grade materials which were rather lackluster to begin with.  Over time, these materials become weather-beaten and even less attractive.  Restoring a bright, cosmetic appearance to these surfaces can make an otherwise ordinary pool look extraordinary without having to go through the complications and exorbitant expenses that a complete renovation would entail.

One of the most important components of swimming pool restoration is bringing plumbing and electrical systems up to code.  Years ago, it was discovered that the powerful suction of pool drains could be fatal if a person got to close to the drain and was sucked into its force.  Codes were written to mandate that two drains be installed in every pool.  This reduced the force of each individual drain, and it further minimized risk by also mandating that drains be so many feet apart at the bottom of the pool.

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