Services Description Water Problems

Ocean View Swimming Pool Service LLC can resolve any type of water problem you may have with your pool. These problems can also pose a health hazard if not properly resolved.

Every pool owner has, at one time or another, done battle with the occasional algae bloom. Algae spores constantly enter the pool, brought in by wind, rain or even contaminated swimsuits or equipment. When conditions are right, an algae bloom can occur seemingly overnight. These conditions include out of balance water, warm temperatures, sunlight and presence of nitrates and/or carbon dioxide. Of course, a lack of proper circulation, filtration and sanitation may be the primary cause of the algae. The best process is one of elimination.

Cloudy water, besides being unattractive, can prevent the rescue of swimmers in trouble and may provide no depth perception for those who would dive into the water. This particulate matter also interferes with the ability of the filter and chemicals to properly sanitize the water.

Stains and scaling of water due to mineral problems should be balanced to control stains and scaling. If not balanced. pH or alkalinity that is allowed to drift and/or high calcium hardness levels can promote mineral precipitation.

Chlorine odor and or irritation can be resolved by correct shocking or super chlorination of the water.

Several factors can contribute to foaming water such as lotions, oils and animal fats, tile cleaning phosphates, poor water balance, and practical jokers with a box of soap to name a few.

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